Thursday, November 6, 2014

We're going to have a crazy 10 days

We finally got the dates for Abby's cath and g-tube surgeries set and they are only ten days apart...oh, and we will also be moving within those ten days.  She will be having her heart catheterization this coming Tuesday, we are set to move on Fri/Sat, and she will be having her endoscopic g-tube placement the following Thursday. Because Abby is still exhibiting signs of respiratory distress, the ENT and pulmonary teams are also getting involved to assess her airways. They will be doing this during one of the procedures, so we won't have do another round of anesthesia, which is great.  We won't know whether or not we'll be coming home between procedures (just in time for the move) until after the cath. 

It should be interesting!

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