Friday, November 21, 2014

It was a rough night....

Abby girl had a particularly rough night last night.  They were able to get her CT scan done later in the afternoon, but the sedatives they were giving her caused her blood pressure to drop a lot. While they were working on administering extra fluids to bump up her blood pressure, they decided not to extubate. Unfortunately, Abby did not respond well to being intubated once they started weaning her off the sedatives. Her heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature spiked a few times throughout the night, culminating in a heart rate in the 240s, respiratory rate over 100, and a 105 degree fever. The cardiologist finally just told the respiratory team to pull her tube despite her blood pressures, and she finally started to even out. She's still on high-flow respiratory support and back on sedatives, but she finally seems comfortable. 

Needless to say, nobody was very pleased with how she did overnight, and since pulmonary didn't come back with anything conclusive from the bronch, they're talking open heart surgery in the next week. They want her to be able to go home, and are pretty sure they've exhausted all other options now, so heart surgery it is. 

We don't have a schedule for anything yet, but ask for prayers that things go smoothly leading into what will be a very hard day for all of us. 

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