Sunday, November 23, 2014

15 Weeks Old

Abby is now 15 weeks old! She's had a less eventful past couple of days and was weaned off of the nasal cannula last night. With that and the NG tube now gone, this is the first Abby hasn't had anything stuck to her face for more than a few minutes! She is very much enjoying pawing at her face sans mittens and is having to learn how not to claw out her eyeballs. We love getting to see her awesomely chubby cheeks.

Though Abby's numbers have evened out considerably since Thursday, she is still working too hard and hasn't completely bounced back to where she was on Tuesday. Because of all this, Abby's open heart surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. If everything goes as planned, we're looking at a late morning start-time and for the surgery to last 4-6 hours. Though we aren't looking forward to tomorrow, we hope that it helps our sweet girl and that she won't have to work so hard to simply exist anymore.

We're praying for the surgical team, the anesthesiologists, the doctors and nurses who will be caring for Abby post-op, and of course, for our baby bird. 

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