Monday, November 17, 2014

14 Weeks

Brief update:

We have officially moved. Whew. It was a crazy crazy weekend, but it is done and we're working on getting unpacked. Even though the timing was not ideal, we are very happy with our decision - especially because it's looking like we may be inpatient for quite a while.

Abby's respiratory effort has not improved, and may even be a little worse now. Her white blood cell count keeps climbing, but they can't figure out a concrete reason for it. Hematology has gotten involved, and they are exploring lots of possibilities - some of them pretty scary. We're praying that the lung evaluation she'll have along with her g-tube placement on Thursday will shed some light on what's going on.

Abby still seems herself, and got to meet her Auntie Megan this weekend! Megan was a huge help with the move and is already such a sweet, wonderful auntie. 

Please pray that all goes smoothly on Thursday and that the doctors are able to find some explanation for what is going on with our baby bird.

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