Friday, July 17, 2015

Initiation Complete, Heading Home!

Much to everyone's extreme shock, Abby's CPAP initiation was successful! Honestly, we felt like we were going through this process purely as a formality - so we could at least say we tried. With how much she messes with the oxygen cannula, absolutely nobody thought she would tolerate a much larger piece of equipment attached to her face. But for the most part, she has! She doesn't like it, by any stretch of the imagination, but she doesn't attempt to rip it off her face, and after a few minutes will calm down enough to fall asleep.

I don't yet know what this means for avoiding surgery, but it's certainly hopeful. I anticipate that ENT/pulmonary will still want to do a sedated scope to verify that there isn't an obvious cause for her obstructive apnea that could be remedied, but beyond that, I just don't know. 

While surgical status is still up in the air, I did notice that the CPAP was successful in keeping Abby's oxygen saturations up overnight - zero pulse ox beeping! This is very encouraging. We were told that even if she tolerated the mask, the pressure might not counteract the apnea fully, so this was great to see. She'll need to have another sleep study performed with the CPAP mask on to determine what level of pressure is appropriate for treating her apnea, but the attending pulmonologist is comfortable sending us home with a machine and fine-tuning the pressure outpatient. 

Which means...we're outta here! 

Being inpatient for a couple of days with an 11-month-old Abby has been very different than being inpatient with a 5ish-month-old Abby. She is very busy and intent on grabbing all of the things. It's been fun trying to keep her away from all of the cords and tubes, as well as the ill-fitting sheets. Oh my goodness. First baby-proofing I've really had to do, hahaha. 

For your entertainment:

Makeshift babyproofing to the rescue!

Such a goober.


  1. Oh that face!! She is just too cute. So much personality! Hoping this new 'toy' will allow all of you to sleep a little more soundly. As always, praying for and wishing the best for your precious little one.

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  3. What a beautiful little angel! God bless her.