Thursday, August 28, 2014

We're Going Home!

That's right! Because Abby's been stable from a cardiac standpoint, and they've decided to hold off on any surgical procedures until she is a couple months old, they're sending us home tomorrow! I thought that we would be here for a lot longer, I can't believe we're going to be leaving here soon WITH our Aberdeen Wren. I will never forget how devastated I was when we had to leave Miami Valley Hospital without our baby, I don't think either Jameson or I said a word as we made the drive to Cincinnati. Honestly, it's been one of the driving reasons behind me not wanting to go home - I didn't think I could emotionally handle seeing all of her stuff in our house without having her there. The idea of her finally being there with us could not be more exciting.

Before we leave, there are still a few things that have to be taken care of. They'll do another echocardiogram to make sure everything is copacetic, and we'll figure out follow-up plans with cardiology, genetics, and neurosurgery (we did a CT scan earlier this week that showed fusion of the sagittal and right coronal sutures). We'll pick up Abby's prescriptions and get a tutorial on how to draw-up and administer them. Home-care should be meeting us back at the house to get the feeding pump set up, and will probably check back in with us regularly to make sure things are going smoothly. 

Home life will still be a little atypical for us. We'll probably be back weekly for monitoring, though we may be able to do some appointments at Dayton Children's. We've now been trained on how to use the feeding tube and pump, with the understanding that Abby will probably continue to need it until well after surgery. Though we're obviously thrilled for our little girl to leave the hospital, we're also a little trepidatious about leaving the wonderful nursing staff and having to figure stuff out on our own. Luckily, we know that we have God and an amazing network of people looking out for us. We can do this!


  1. Tears of joy for you guys! What a blessing, so thankful for the Lord's goodness and faithfulness to sustain you as you continue this journey with sweet Abby at home. Love you guys!

  2. So glad you're getting to finally go home! Love to you

  3. Crying right now! How truly wonderful to be able to take Abby home- such a little miracle! We will continue to pray for her and for y'all as you settle into a new routine. Y'all are great parents and will do a wonderful job taking care of her. So happy! Ben and Ashley

  4. Thrilled and giving all glory to God for His mercy and grace for dear Abby and her family. Truly a remarkable outcome and triumph for Abby.