Tuesday, August 5, 2014

39 Weeks!

The puppies wanted to be included :)
Yep, we're still here! Despite being told by half a dozen doctors that we wouldn't make it to our due date next week (that'd be Monday August 11th for those who may have forgotten), I suspect miss Abby has plans of her own. She's going to turn out to be stubborn like her mom. I imagine her in there hearing the predictions and thinking, "heh heh, we'll see about that, suckers!" 

I would prefer that she decide to arrive sooner rather than later as I am quite uncomfortable these days. QUITE. I am also not sleeping much at all. I fully anticipated being sleep-deprived once she'd arrived, but was not prepared to already be in zombie-mode. Mostly I'm just a big grump. Grumpy grump grump. However, there is a full moon on Sunday the 10th, which is supposed to mean something, so hopefully it does its job.

Our MFM appointment today just sort of showed that we're on track to keep on keepin' on. The blanket policy at Miami Valley is to induce at 41 weeks, but hopefully we'll be done before then!

My plan until then is to eat all the cheesecake, because it's delicious.

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