Thursday, May 12, 2016

21 Months Old!

Aberdeen is now 21 months old! She is currently loving communicating with us through signing/getting us to read the same book 10,000 times in a row, venturing all over San Antonio now that we're out of the nasty viral season, and knocking things over to make them go "BOOM!" 

She is still about 20.5lbs (9.3kg or thereabouts) and a little over 30in (77cm), which has prompted her nutritionist to make another bump in her caloric intake. Thank goodness she's handling her feeds so well, or I don't know how we would do this. Previously, trying to bump up calories was a huge undertaking - trying to balance volume intake with caloric density per ounce, and trying our hardest to keep her from puking. This time we just said, "Oh, we'll just tack another ounce onto each feed, no biggie." But it kind of is a biggie, in terms of how far Aberdeen has come in feed tolerance. Until yesterday, Abby had gone a whole three weeks without puking. THREE WEEKS!!! That's a record around here. Because of these improvements, we're going to try backing off on another one of her meds, as we're just not sure it's needed anymore. Yay! As far as the lack of growth, we're not sure if it's her heart or the fact that she's working so hard on becoming more mobile. It's hard to say, and something we definitely have to keep an eye on, since she isn't really even following her own curve anymore.

As far as subspecialties go, she has had a lot of follow-ups lately, but nothing particularly notable to report. We do have a big Houston trip on the horizon though. We'll be heading out there for a good five days that will be slammed with appointments (cardiac anesthesia work-up, cardiomyopathy/echo, ophthalmology, and craniofacial) as well as the procedure to have her ear tubes placed. During that time we should hopefully be able to attend a Noonan Syndrome mini-conference being hosted at TCH and meet some other families with kiddos going through the same things as our bird. 

Abby has really been working hard in her therapies. Her feeding and speech have kind of hit another standstill, but she's making SO much progress with her signing, which is really amazing to see. We're having to learn quickly to keep up with her! She received her SMOs a few weeks ago and has been speeding all over the house in her gait-trainer. We're still working hard on transitions (especially from laying down to sitting up) and pointing with one finger instead of her whole hand. 

Lastly, we celebrated a very nice Mother's Day - Jameson has become a pretty awesome chef in the last year or so, and we got some cute pictures in before it started pouring. Praying that all goes well with Abby's procedure next month and that her cardiomyopathy and craniofacial appts don't reveal anything immediately concerning!


  1. Oh she is the cutest thing ever!!!! I will be thinking of y'all. Give your little bird lots of love....

  2. So much love for everything and everyone in this update!

  3. Love to see how she is growing and learning. What special parents she has and what a great team of family, friends, and specialists that are working with her.

  4. It was so nice meeting you all recently! I'm glad to hear about the progress your little one is making. She is delightful!