Thursday, March 10, 2016

19 Months Old!

Abby is 19 months old today! She's right around 30 inches long and just under 20 pounds!

This past month has been a doozy. Abby finally got past the respiratory viruses she'd been battling, only to come down with the stomach bugs that landed her in the hospital. She has bounced back from her bout of dehydration well. The diarrhea has finally begun to improve and we've started reintroducing the Real Food Blends to her diet. Transitions in Aberdeen's feeding schedule always need to made really slowly, so it will be a bit before we get back to where she was pre-stomach bugs. She did lose a little weight during everything, so we're playing a bit of a catch-up game right now. She got a thumbs up from TCH cardiology that all looks unchanged post-illness, and they actually decided to keep her off diuretics (they were stopped while inpatient) to see how she does. One more med down. Yay!

For some reason the universe has decided it's time for Abby's two-year molars to come in. Nevermind the fact that her one-year molars are each only partially through, or that she doesn't have her canines yet, ALL FOUR of her second molars are busting through. Whyyyyy???? Our happy happy girl is having a rough time. Maybe it's the teeth, maybe it's just the age, but woof has she started throwing tantrums. Aside from the few weeks post OHS, when she started having seizures, she has never been a screamy baby. But, oh, the screaming is here. Poor girl. 

The one upside to all this teething has been some improvement in Abby's oral aversion issues. She's tolerating a lot more food in and around her mouth without gagging or freaking out. She still doesn't seem to be swallowing much of anything, but it still feels like a step in the right direction. I definitely think she's tasting more than she has previously, and maybe that will help get her more interested in trying different flavors in the future!

We are still waiting on Abby's gait-trainer, but it sounds like it may be arriving in the next couple of weeks! With Abby having just been measured for her new ankle braces, we might be seeing a big jump in her mobility here soon, which would be so exciting!!!

We've also started working with Abby on signing! She has "want" down, and now we just need to give her some nouns so we can figure out what exactly it is that she wants, lol. She knows "eat" and "drink" as well - though it's usually a response to what she's seeing us doing as opposed to a request for herself. It's really neat to see her catching on to our prompting now though, and even more amazing when she starts using a sign unprompted! 

We have to make a trip back to ENT this month to address some persistent fluid behind Aberdeen's eardrums, but other than that, I think this next month should be focused mostly on therapies and dietary - fingers crossed!

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