Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Out of Surgery

Aberdeen did great this morning. Not only is she out of surgery, but we're already back at the hotel letting her rest. They were able to clean out the wound and restitch the entire top of her incision. They used a totally different suture material and seem confident that the skin should hold this time. I'm thankful there is no longer an open wound on her head and that there was no sign of an infection already brewing. We will be staying close to the hospital overnight and checking back in with the surgeon briefly tomorrow before heading home. We'll follow up with them again in a couple weeks to  remove the new sutures and verify that all is healing well.

Her thoughts on today:


  1. As always, while you're in Houston if you need ANYTHING you've got someone that can take care of it. Just ask.

  2. Great news. She is one amazing girl, that's for sure! :)