Friday, February 17, 2017

Shunt Recovery

Friday 2/17

8:30pm We're remaining inpatient tonight to keep an eye on some increased work of breathing. Jameson and I are pretty sure it's still just part of the recovery process, I mean, she underwent three anesthetized procedures in the span of just over a week - I'm sure her little body is feeling it. Hopefully actually getting some good rest tonight (I think I've scared our nurses away) will have her looking improved and ready for discharge in the morning. Fingers crossed and double crossed.

9:00am Abby continues to do well post-op, though we're all pretty tired and grumpy today. We had a very early morning CT scan this morning and Abby hasn't been super happy since then. Not sure what the plan is yet for today, but there is a rumor we may be getting out of here in the next 24 hours. Trying not to get too excited...buuut, I'm pretty excited!


  1. Hooray hooray! There's nothing like your own bed after long hospital ordeals. Praying for peace and easy sailing as you make your exit, and recovery for you all.

  2. Love it! Scared the nurses! Ha! You're a great mom!