Sunday, September 11, 2016

September Updates

The last couple of weeks have held lots of appointments for our little bird. First, we headed out to Houston for a cardiology follow-up as well as another chest X-Ray to try to get a better idea of what was going on with her lungs at her pulm appointment last month. Cardiology was happy with Abby's echo and highly underwhelmed by her X-Ray findings. We retrieved a few more X-Rays from their department, so that pulm would have more data points to use in gauging the condition of Abby's lungs and headed home. 

The following Tuesday, we saw the local pulmonologist, who agreed that her chest X-Ray looked much improved and we didn't have to start any aggressive treatments. Thank goodness! He still considers her at risk for issues and had her get an extra vaccine for pneumonia prevention, but we were otherwise in the clear, and I was happy I didn't put her through the nebs a couple weeks ago!

That night, Abby had a terrible night. She was puking everywhere and we noticed that her urine smelled funky. We got her into the regular old pediatrician on Thursday, and after waiting hours for her to pee, finally had to cath her to get a sample. Although our pediatrician was hopeful that it would just be concentrated urine due to it being so hot out, I had a sneaky suspicion it was more than that. Turns out, it was a good thing we waited, as I ended up being right and she was diagnosed with a UTI. Uggghhhh. So now she's on an antibiotic course and will hopefully be feeling right as rain soon. Once this clears up, I'm really hoping we can go for a least a couple weeks without anything new!

Abby is otherwise doing well. She's off of sternal precautions now, and is making lots of progress at therapy. We just got her back in the gait-trainer, and while it will be a bit before she builds her strength back up to walking, she's at least scooting around the house at turbo-speed again! She is also gaining weight like gangbusters! So much so, I think nutrition will probably want to back off on her calories when we see them later this month. It's amazing how much more efficiently she can use her nutrition when her heart isn't working so hard. Abby's been in a great mood for the most part and isn't letting any of these little hiccups get her down.