Thursday, August 4, 2016


We arrived home late last night, a mere two weeks after Aberdeen's open heart surgery!!!

Abby's post-op appointment went great! Her echo last week showed that, even awake and not super happy, her gradient is still less than 15. While this technically means that she still has obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, her heart is in a much more manageable place for now. Yay! Her X-rays have looked great, she isn't sweating or puking anymore, and we're hoping that this myectomy will buy us at least a few years before we have to talk about surgical intervention again. 

Abby was SO excited when we got home. She was squealing and laughing playing with all of her toys and rolling around on the floor again. She was decidedly less happy about having to go to bed and had kind of a rough night overall, but hopefully now that we're home, her temperament will start to even back out again - holy tantrums, batman. 

She is on sternal precautions for the next month, meaning we can't pick her up under her arms, pull on her arms, or allow her to put much weight on her arms or chest. This is a little tricky now that she's bigger and not yet walking, but we're managing. We also have to keep her away from busy places until she's off of sternal precautions, as we still need her to not get sick. So we'll be having low-key birthday celebrations at home this year, but we're seriously thrilled that we will actually be at home and not in the hospital as we expected! Woo hoo! I can't believe Aberdeen is turning two next week!!!

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