Monday, August 24, 2015

Spending the day in the OR

They just took Abby back for a barrage of procedures - triple scope (a joint effort by ENT, GI, and pulmonary), echocardiogram, and ABR (routine hearing test). The triple scope is to help determine if there are any structural explanations for Abby's sleep apnea that may need to be surgically addressed, while the echocardiogram will help determine the current state of Abby's heart - specifically her ventricular outflow obstruction. She'll be under anesthesia for the next three or so hours. I will update here as we receive information. 

Update 2:30pm: 
Triple scope completed. 
ENT and pulm saw narrowing of Aberdeen's airways as well as mild laryngomalacia and pharyngomalacia (floppiness of the larynx and pharyngeal wall). This explains Abby's obstructive sleep apnea: when relaxed, Abby's airway flops shut and obstructs her breathing. Because Abby desatted so severely last time she was scoped (back in November), they had to intubate her and weren't able to get a full view of her airway. Luckily, she cooperated this time and they were able to complete the picture! There is nothing recommended surgically at this point (thankfully), she just has to grow out of it. She will continue on CPAP for the foreseeable future. Everything looked fine from a GI front. 

Update 3:30pm:
ABR completed.
Hearing appears fine overall. Some fluid in left ear causing mild conductive hearing loss. It's the sort of thing that could clear up on its own, or we might have to address down the road. We'll follow-up with audiology in Texas. 

Update 4:30pm:
In recovery.
Abby is currently recovering in the post anesthesia care unit. She is a little slow coming off of the sedatives, but overall is doing well. She should be moved to the cardiology unit soon, where we will most likely spend the night.

Update 8:30pm:
Abby is doing well. She is clearly exhausted and not very pleased about all of the goings on today, but she ended up coming off the sedatives smoothly and will be kept on the cardiac floor overnight for observation. Assuming all goes well, we should be going home tomorrow.

Update 10:30am Tuesday:
We're home!
Aberdeen did great overnight and was completely back to her normal, spunky self this morning, so they let us leave! Her echocardiogram came back looking about the same as the last one did - so, not great, but at least it wasn't worse! We still have a number of appointments to tackle in the next couple of weeks, but things are looking good for Abby's ability to move! 

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