Tuesday, July 8, 2014

35 Weeks!

Yesterday marked 35 weeks, which means fewer than 35 days to go according to our original timeline!  

Our baby bird is sitting very low these days and her new position is not the most comfortable...welcome to the final month of pregnancy!  She's hitting a nerve that sends a terrible shooting pain through my back and hips, which makes walking unpleasant.  It also is causing some dizziness when sitting in certain positions.  Why, baby?  Move!  While she will continue to gain about a half a pound a week, she's pretty much done growing length-wise.  Whew! 

We had an appointment with our MFM team today at which they checked out the heart anomaly they'd seen while we were in the PICU. It doesn't look as though anything has changed on that front, which they seemed to think was a good thing.  They're calling both her pyelectasis (kidney dilation) and ventriculomegaly (brain ventricle dilation) "borderline" now, which is actually a slight improvement! They still want to take an extra close look at her heart and kidneys after birth, but things are looking promising right now. We discussed the possibility of inducing a little early due to her head size/shape, but are still holding off on any decisions. Otherwise, she's still a wiggly little thing and we'll go back in two weeks for a growth ultrasound and to reassess delivery recommendations.

We also have an appointment with the neonatologists at Miami Valley Hospital on Thursday to discuss the plans for Abby immediately after birth. We're looking forward to meeting them prior to delivery and getting a few questions answered.

On the non-medical side of things, we've had a really great week!

My youngest sister, Juliette, came out to visit for the holiday weekend. We had a blast hanging out, doing a little baby shopping, and eating lots of dessert :).  

Sisters before the fireworks show in Englewood
This allowed Jameson to make a lightning quick trip down to Atlanta on the 4th to catch the Braves game with his family.

Jameson got to see Jed in action working at Turner Field!
He brought back a basket of beautiful hand-made baby products from his Aunt Lisa which all match our nursery perfectly! I can't wait to incorporate them into what we already have going!

And lastly, since the puppies haven't gotten any face-time on the blog, here are some pics of them lazing around (looking extremely bored) during yesterday's thunderstorm.  I only hope they'll be so mellow once Aberdeen gets here!

Mr. Boone
Gracie Bear

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